Garden to desert?

God planted a garden in Eden, and there he placed Adam his creation. There are many ways of understanding the first chapters of Genesis. It seems to me that this story can shed light on the environmental crisis which we are creating for the earth today. The whole earth is like a garden, rich and fertile, full of marvellous creatures, producing more than enough food to feed the human race, numerous though we are.

But we are destroying this paradise, by degredation of the environment and by climate change. The most recent prediction is that up to 40% of insect species could go extinct. Beautiful species like tigers, gorillas and turtles are endangered, and deserts like the Sahara and the Gobi are expanding.

Are we destroying the garden we have been given and turning it into a desert? With good reason school children in Europe are protesting that we are destroying their future.

Perhaps the sins of humanity in this respect are to do with the everyday matters of greed and carelessness, and lack of motivation. I can certainly identify with these.

The good news is that none of these disasters is inevitable. With the help of God we can change. Many environmental disasters have already been reversed, air and water are cleaner in many countries than in previous decades, and renewable energy is being developed. We are capable of cultivating the garden, not destroying it.

Let us pray that God will give us enough love for one another and simple common sense to motivate the human race to care for this one earth. Because no one can live without it.

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