The Call

‘Bringing their boats back to land, they left everything and followed Jesus’

There were many followers of Jesus, but only some of his disciples were called to leave everything and follow him. There are many ways of being a Christian and all of them are good. The key is to listen to the call which we ourselves are given. Sometimes we focus on the demands that Jesus makes on us, which can be considerable, even up to all our possessions or for some even to give up their lives. There are Christians being persecuted in some parts of the world today. Sometimes it is hard to give up anything for Jesus, or even to take an unkind word. Other times we feel that we would do anything. The thing is just to do what we can, as and when we can, no matter how big or small.

But we should never forget the priviledge we have been given to be invited to be friends of God and friends of Jesus. ‘I call you friends’ Friends spend time together and get to know one another intimately, friends do things for each other, they rely on each other, they are generous to each other. Friendship with Jesus is a gift and a priviledge and the call to give up everything for Jesus, that is a gift too.

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